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I need help writing my report on Nebraska - where can I look?
General Information about Nebraska:

Where did the name Nebraska come from and was Nebraska ever spelled in a different way?
From the Nebraska Blue Book 2000-2001: page 10: "Origin of name: From Oto Indian word "Nebrathka," meaning "flat water" (the tribe's name for the Platte River, which crosses the state)."

What is the origin of the state motto, Equality Before the Law?
According to the Encyclopedia of Nebraska published by Somerset Publishers Inc, the state motto ...
"...was adopted in 1867 at the same time the State approved its great seal. Mr. Isaac Wiles, a Representative in the Second Legislature is said to have originated the motto, whose act was prompted perhaps by his being a strong partisan for the abolition of slavery. However, there is an old legal maxim which closely parallels this maxim, ... All men are equal before the natural law ... In any case, the motto was said to speak to the cornerstone of the American system of justice."

What does Cornhusker mean?
From page 10 of the 2000-2001 Nebraska Blue Book: "Cornhusker State - from the method of harvesting or husking corn by hand."

What were the Nebraska Cornhuskers called before they became the Cornhuskers?
"The nickname "Cornhuskers" was first applied to Nebraska athletic teams at the turn of the century by sports writer Charles "Cy" Sherman of the Nebraska State Journal. Before adopting Sherman's suggestion, Nebraska sports teams were called "The Bugeaters," "Tree Planters," "Nebraskans," "Rattlesnake Boys," "Antelopes" and "Old Gold Knights." Of course, today it is commonly shortened as "Huskers."
taken from:

Where did the Capitol Building used to be before settling in Lincoln?
The Nebraska Blue Book 1998-99 page 61: "The seat of state government in Nebraska is the state capitol. Nebraska had two territorial capitols in Omaha. Since achieving statehood, Nebraska has had three capitols in Lincoln. The current Capitol is considered one of the world's greatest architectural achievements. The building was designed by architect Bertram G. Goodhue as both a practical working environment for state government and an inspiring monument for Nebraskans."

Where did the slogan, Nebraska the Good Life originate?
The Omaha-based advertising firm of J. Greg Smith created it in the '70s for Governor Exon.

What can you tell me about early license plates in Nebraska?
According to the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, the first plates in Nebraska were not issued by the State of Nebraska but were made of leather with metal numbers by individuals and registered with the Secretary of State. In 1915 the State began to issue plates.

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