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Q: I've written a book. Now what?

A: There are two main routes to seeing your book in print: traditional publishing and self-publishing.

Route 1: Traditional Publishing
The traditional steps include*:
  1. Determine your genre
  2. Assess your commercial potential
  3. Find a literary agent (if you need one)
  4. Prepare query letters and submission materials
  5. Submit materials to agent or publisher

Route 2: Self-publishing
You will have more decisions to make with regards to editing, formatting, printing, marketing, and selling your book. Some considerations include:
  1. Explore options for publishing - as an ebook, or in print through print-on-demand (POD), vanity, or subsidy publishers. Source:
  2. Find a good editor, either a developmental editor or a copyeditor. (Do you need an editor?)
  3. Craft a great title and design an appealing cover.
  4. Build your brand through a website and/or social media. Give your book away for free and ask for reviews (build word of mouth).
Resources for writers in Nebraska

Q: Who can I publish my book with in Nebraska?

A: Here are some Nebraska publishers & self-publishing resources. This list is not exhaustive, and not all will take unsolicited materials.
Q: How do I market & sell my book?

A: Here are some suggestions for marketing and selling your self-published book:
Q: How do I find a literary agent?

A: Here are some free resources for finding an agent:
Tips and how-to articles:

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