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Where can I find Nebraska legal/business forms?
If the form you need is not on online contact your local court for a copy of the form. The Nebraska County Court Forms Manual contains official forms used in the county court system. Go to Nebraska Courts to access contact information. General form books, such as West's Legal Forms, American Jurisprudence Legal Forms and Federal Practice and Procedure are available at the Nebraska State Law Library for review. The Schmid Law Library at University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law or the Klutznick Law Library at the Creighton University College of Law may have examples of formats and the language of a variety of forms, but do not have legal forms available to pick up or purchase. Some counties also have a county law library which is open to the public.
Most legal forms are not standard forms like tax forms that are provided freely on the Internet. Many web sites offer legal forms for a fee. The forms included in the sites linked below are not created by the Nebraska Library Commission. They are being linked from this site as a service to users, who are responsible for their own use of these forms. The Library Commission does not endorse their quality or accuracy.

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