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What should I have for a current set of Nebraska Statutes?
What should I have for a current set of Nebraska Statutes?

Current Set of Nebraska Statutes (updated 8/16/2019)
Vol. 1, 1a, and 1b - reissue 2012
Vol. 2 and 2a - reissue 2016
Vol. 3 - reissue of 2016
Vol. 3a and 3b - reissue 2010
*Vol. 4 and 4a - reissue 2018
Vol. 5 and 5a - reissue of 2014
Vol. 6 UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) - reissue 2001
*Cumulative Supplement 2018 (4 volumes)
General Index 2017
Cross Reference Tables - 1943-2000, 2001-2014, 2015-2018

* newest publication

Using Nebraska Statutes from the University of Nebraska College of Law includes this information on how to check your set for currency:

Each hardbound volume of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska, 1943, has a reissue date at the top of the spine. Bound volumes are reissued when there is too much new law and too many annotations to fit comfortably in a supplement. There is no particular schedule for reissue volumes, and bound volumes are not reissued at the same time. So, you must make sure you are using the most recent reissue volume.

To determine the current reissue date, check the reissue table located immediately after the title page in the first volume of the most recent supplement to the Revised Statutes of Nebraska, 1943. Make sure your volume reissue date is the same or more recent than the date indicated in the table.


You must make sure your statute is still current law. To do this, you must update your statute beyond the bound reissue volume by using the most current supplements. In even-numbered years, the supplement is cumulative. In odd-numbered years, the supplement is annual, and not cumulative. When the latest supplement is an even-numbered year, you need only check that supplement. When the latest supplement is an odd-numbered year, you must check both that annual supplement and the preceding cumulative supplement."

Session Laws

Session laws (also called Laws of Nebraska) are issued each year after the current session of the Legislature has ended. Volumes should always be kept until the supplement that covers the same time period has been issued. They should be kept in perpetuity if showing laws in context as they are passed is important to the institution's customers. The context is lost once they are incorporated into the Statutes.

Purchasing Statutes

Volumes of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska maybe purchased from:

Nebraska Supreme Court Publications Office
State Library 3rd Floor, State Capitol
PO Box 98910 Lincoln, NE 68509
telephone: 402-471-3189

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