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Thanks for clicking on our “Learn more” link! We are happy to have a chance to update you on our summer project--a redesigned NebraskAccess, featuring new database content for K12 students and an even more Nebraska-centric website directory.
Websites Selected by Librarians
The first thing you probably noticed when you arrived at the new NebraskAccess home page is that it no longer features our librarian-curated directory of Nebraska-related websites. Never fear! Just look for the Websites Selected by Librarians section of the home page and click “Access Nebraska Resources” to reveal all your favorite categories. An even easier way to access Websites Selected by Librarians is to click on the “Websites” link that appears on the top menu bar of every NebraskAccess page!
New Database Content
Another change is that two new K12 databases have been added to the NebraskAccess lineup—MAS Complete, designed for high school students, and Middle Search Plus, designed for middle school students. These join Primary Search, an elementary school database which has been part of NebraskAccess since 2015. The Explora for High Schools interface has also been added, and Explora Primary is now Explora for Elementary/Middle Schools.
New Database Access Pages
We have taken advantage of the opportunity provided by the acquisition of two new K12 databases to create additional database access pages. If you click on "Access the Databases" on the new NebraskAccess home page, you will be taken to Databases for Nebraskans. Here you’ll find links to the following three database access pages:
At the top of the Databases for Nebraskans page you’ll find a prominent password box. If you have a new NebraskAccess password you can enter it here to go directly to the database access page that corresponds to your password.
New NebraskAccess Passwords
New NebraskAccess passwords are now available for each of the three database access pages:
Be sure to ask your librarian for the password that’s right for you!
If you are using an old NebraskAccess password (one your library distributed last spring), don’t worry! It will continue to work through October 1.
To learn more about NebraskAccess passwords, see NebraskAccess Login Options.
Nebraska Memories and Nebraska State Agency Publications
Just as it did previously, NebraskAccess continues to link to two other public-facing services of the Nebraska Library Commission—Nebraska Memories and Nebraska State Agency Publications. The main difference is that the links to these two services are now more prominently displayed on the home page. If you never noticed the links before and therefore weren’t aware of these services, we invite you to check them out soon!
Have a question? Email us at NebraskAccess!

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