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About the Database

The Nebraska Legislators, Past and Present database provides an easy way to locate legislators starting with the Territorial House and Council in 1855 through the present day Unicameral. Every entry provides the Legislator’s name, body served in and dates of service. Some persons served in more than one Legislature (i.e. both territorial and bicameral; both bicameral and unicameral).  Some entries also include notes. Entries in the database are  taken from the Nebraska Blue Book, and the geographic information provided (counties represented, town of residence, district served) varies for territorial, bicameral and unicameral legislatures.

  • Use the County dropdown to find only Territorial Legislators representing counties that existed in the Territorial period. The names and locations of these counties may differ from current counties. Learn more about these changes.
  • Use the District dropdown to find only Senators serving districts in the Unicameral Legislature.  NOTE: district boundaries and occasionally locations change after each decennial Census.
  • Use Free Text to search all of the first and last names, county, notes, and city fields.  Note that county and town information during the Bicameral period is incomplete, so searching by county or town my produce incomplete results. Counties represented data is not available for Unicameral senators; they can be searched by district or city of residence.

Brief biographies of the legislators are available in excerpts from Nebraska Blue Books starting in 1901. The biographies are organized by year. To locate a biography you will need to know the years in which they served.

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