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The following white pages have been made available in the hope they will help folks locate people in the 1940 census. For more information, please see the 1940 Nebraska White Pages page.

Note: The ED maps for Omaha list only part of the ED number. There is a handwritten note on one of the map pages that states all Omaha ED numbers should be preceded by 94. For example, when you see the number 92 on the map the ED number is actually 94-92.

March 1940

*Telephone directory provided courtesy of the Omaha Public Library.

Separate Enumeration Districts

The following institutions located in Omaha and Douglas county were their own enumeration district (ED) in the 1940 Census.

  • Boys Town Village (Father Flanagan S Boys Home), Mcardle Election Precinct - ED: 28-15
  • College of St. Mary (Sisters of St. Mary) - ED: 94-74
  • Convent of the Sacred Heart - ED: 94-159
  • Convent of the Servants of Mary (Holy Ghost Church) - ED: 94-184
  • Creighton Hall for Business Women - ED: 94-48
  • Douglas County Hospital (Pauper) - ED: 94-120
  • Douglas County Jail - ED: 94-53
  • Duchesne College - ED: 94-159
  • Fort Omaha (U.S. Army Balloon School) and Station Hospital - ED: 94-193
  • Franciscan Monastery of St. Clare - ED: 94-38
  • House of Good Shepherd - ED: 94-143
  • Nebraska Children’s Home Society - ED: 94-204
  • Nebraska School and Hospital for the Deaf - ED: 94-176
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital (The Creighton Memorial) - ED: 94-69
  • St. Rita Sisters of Mercy - ED: 94-44